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The Innovation Stream provides ECE undergraduate students with industry-relevant entrepreneurship and business courses to enhance their degrees. Innovation Stream students benefit from direct entry into either Electrical or Computer Engineering, an enriched course curriculum and hands-on design projects, allowing them to explore their innovative ideas while receiving the technical skills that will help these ideas meet real-world needs. The solid engineering background and a comprehensive experience in entrepreneurship prepares our graduates to streamline into any technical career path - academic, industrial or entrepreneurial.

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Direct Enrollment

Prospective Queen’s undergraduate students can chose ECEi when applying to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The 50 select students accepted into the Innovation Stream benefit from direct entry into the ECE program before choosing between Electrical or Computer Engineering at the end of their first year of study.

Potential to interact with the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) and the larger mentor network of Tech and consulting entrepreneurs across Canada.

ECEi students are encouraged to participate in networking events, mentorship initiatives, hackathons, and pitch events created to bridge their academic career with real-life possibilities.

First year access to the Bain Lab , The Annex and equipment and resources at SparQ Studios.

Enriched Curriculum

First year ECEi students receive the common first year engineering curriculum with separate direct-entry designation in three core courses. The following first-year courses have direct-entry stream sections:

APSC 100 Engineering Practice l - FW

APSC 143 Introduction to Computer Programming for Engineers - F

APSC 114 Electromagnetics - W

In the following years, students are required to take six Complementary Studies Courses, including two elective Humanities and Social Sciences Complimentary Courses and four required Commerce courses offered by the Smith School of Business:

COMM 201 - Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs - F

COMM 301 - Funding New Ventures – F

COMM 302 - Launching New Ventures – W

COMM 405 – New Business Development – F

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