Academic Units and Prerequisites

The goal of this course is to prepare students for definition, design, management, and development of engineering projects and products, including ELEC49x (the fourth-year capstone design project course). In this course, students will first learn about problem definition and impact analysis from economic standpoint as well as other perspectives. They will then learn different design principles, management techniques, and development methodologies.

Next, students will learn about culture and communication in teams, followed by important concepts in ethics and intellectual property. Students will practice these notions in the context of mini-projects and lab activities.

Additionally, specific software and tools that are available for facilitating these concepts will be introduced and utilized throughout the term.

Finally, students will form groups and formulate a project plan. They will then prepare a proposal document that describes their project including the problem, impact, solution overview, projected costs, risks, milestones, and tentative schedule for the following academic year. The groups will execute their plans in ELEC 49x in the subsequent year (however, students going away on internship must join up to form new groups upon their return).