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This course covers the fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms. Data structures are essential building blocks in obtaining efficient algorithms. Data structures play a central role in engineering. Topics covered include arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, deqeues, asymptotic notation, hash tables and scatter tables, recursion, trees and search trees, heaps and priority queues, sorting, and graphs. Software engineering concepts will be introduced, and some application case studies will be reviewed. The 'C' language will be introduced.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
  • Analyze a problem
  • Make a judicious selection of DS&A to apply, and be able to justify your choice, and
  • Have the skills to implement the solution.
Credit Breakdown

Lecture: 3
Lab: 0.5
Tutorial: 0.5

Academic Unit Breakdown

Mathematics 12
Natural Sciences 0
Complementary Studies 0
Engineering Science 24
Engineering Design 12