This is an accellerated masters program that allows students to comlete their undergraduate degree and masters in applied science in 5 years. The ECE department will review transcripts each year and inivte suitable candidates to apply for this program in their third year of study.

To express interest in this program, please contact for more details.

Program Timeline

Third Year Undergraduate - May

Students start thesis research (ELEC 491)

Third Year Undergraduate - August

Students submit their ELEC 491 report for grading

Fourth Year Undergraduate - September

Students enrol in ELEC 492, 2 grad courses (1 per term) and ELEC 49X

Fourth Year Undergraduate - January 31

Students submit an application to the School of Graduate Studies for admission into the MASc

Fourth Year Undergraduate - April

Students submit their ELEC 492 report for grading.

Fifth Year Graduate Studies - May to August

Students take 2 more grad courses and continue research and work on their Master's Thesis while funded with a minimum MASc stipend and at graduate student tuition rates. Please contact the Graduate Program Assistant for specific details on your funding.