Program Overview

The ECEi program is right for you, if:

You are a prospective undergraduate student

You know you want to study Electrical or Computer Engineering and are ready to get a head start in your discipline in first year

You dream of becoming an entrepreneur with a world-class engineering background OR

You want to pursue an engineering career in industry and want to acquire additional business and communication skills that will give you a step up in your career

ECEi, or Electrical and Computer Engineering Innovation Stream is an undergraduate program option for ECE students who are interested in learning additional entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

Enhanced Curriculum

The ECEi program includes ALL core BASc Computer/Electrical Engineering courses + four Commerce courses in entrepreneurship/innovation + 2 electives. Students graduate with a BASc in either Electrical or Computer Engineering and can take advantage of all the opportunities that the department has to offer, including the QUIP internship program, graduate studies, and the 4+1 program that combines BASc and MASc degrees.

Direct Entry

Our students know that they want to study in ECE when they apply to Queen’s! ECEi is the first and only program in the Faculty of Engineering And Applied Science to accept first-year students into a department directly. ECEi students still get to enjoy the variety and the benefits of the common engineering first year and take courses across disciplines during their first year of study. However, the first year course APSC 100 Engineering Practice offers ECEi students an enhanced curriculum and innovation-oriented design projects to prepare them for their upper years in the program. This combination of a common engineering first-year and a headstart in your discipline offers the ECEi cohort the best benefits of both worlds!

Experiential Components

ECEi students are encouraged to pursue their own business projects and to experiment and learn outside of the classroom. There are multiple resources on campus to help them do so. ECEi students are offered a free membership to SparQ Makerspace, a makerspace in Mitchell hall offering a variety of equipment, mentorship, and workshops. ECEi students are encouraged to participate in the many initiatives by the DDQIC, including the summer innovation accelerator program QICSI. First year ECEi students get access to the Bain and Annex computer labs in Walter Light Hall.

Community and Support

ECEi is a small cohort of students. The program accepts up to 50 students a year. The small community ensures that our students get to know their peers across the program years and build a strong network with current ECEi students and program alumni. For core program courses, ECEi students attend labs and lectures with the rest of the students in the Department. In ECEi - specific courses students study in separate course section with only their cohort. For more information on curriculum structure, please visit the Curriculum tab.

Looking for more information?

Contact Alisa Darbinyan at alisa.darbinyan@queensu.ca 


The ECE Innovation Stream from Queen's Engineering on Vimeo.