About GECE

Graduate Electrical and Computer Engineering (GECE) student council is the governing body representing the students of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University. GECE plays an active role representing ECE graduate students with the department, Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) and the TA/RA Union. GECE organizes events, activities and training for students, and strives to provide students the necessary platform to share their ideas for improving the graduate student experience at Queen's University. GECE works to be collegial, inclusive and engaging, representing one of the largest and most diverse bodies of graduate students at Queen’s University.  

Join us on our Facebook Page to find out more about upcoming events and a glimpse at past events. If you have any questions or suggestions, GECE can be reached at gece@queensu.ca

Current GECE Executive
Position Descriptions
Previous Years' Executives

2019-2020 Executive:

President Janki Patel
Vice President Arshiya Belim
Treasurer Hany Ragab
Webmaster Leila Habibpour Tanyani
SGPS Rep. #1 Junaid Charaniya
SGPS Rep. #2 Ishita Jaiswal
M.Eng. Rep. Abhishek Awasthi
M.ASc. Rep. Austin Greisman
PhD Rep. Milad Khademi Nori
TA/RA Union Rep. Jaswin Kaur