Our faculty are the cornerstone of the department. They have built an exceptional reputation in both teaching and research iniatives.

Dr. Ahmad Afsahi

Ahmad Afsahi
High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Communication and System Software for HPC and Deep Learning

Dr. Steven Blostein

Steven Blostein
Communications and Signal Processing

Dr. Ali Etemad

Ali Etemad
Associate Professor
ECEi Advisor
Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Smart Environments

Dr. Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant
Assistant Professor
Extreme - Scale Systems

Dr. Il-Min Kim

Il-Min Kim
Chair of Undergraduate Studies - Electrical Engineering
Deep Learning, AI, Communications, Signal Processing

Dr. Ning Lu

Ning Lu
Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier 2)
Communication Networks

Dr. Jianbing Ni

Jianbing Ni
Assistant Professor
Cyber Security

F. Alajaji Phone Icon 613 533 2423
Map Icon Jeffrey Hall 402

H. Hassanein Phone Icon 613 533 6052
Map Icon Goodwin Hall, Room 628

A. Noureldin Phone Icon 541-6000 x6366
Map Icon Royal Military College, Sawyer 3013

M. Zulkernine Phone Icon 613 533 2837
Map Icon Goodwin Hall, Room 535