Our faculty are the cornerstone of the department. They have built an exceptional reputation in both teaching and research iniatives.

Dr. Ahmad Afsahi

Ahmad Afsahi
Professor, Graduate Chair
Parallel Processing and Systems

Dr. Muhammad Alam

Muhammad Alam
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shideh Kabiri Ameri

Shideh Kabiri Ameri
Assistant Professor
2D material based electronic devices, Wearables, Bioelectronics, IoTs

Dr. Alireza Bakhshai

Alireza Bakhshai
Professor- On Leave
Power Systems and Electronics

Dr. Steven Blostein

Steven Blostein
Communications and Signal Processing

Dr. John Cartledge

John Cartledge
Professor Emeritus
Optical Communication Systems

Dr. Wai-Yip Geoffrey Chan

Wai-Yip Geoffrey Chan
Speech and Communications Signal Processing

Dr. Thomas Dean

Thomas Dean
Software Systems

Dr. Suzan Eren

Suzan Eren
Assistant Professor
Power Converters Used in Micro-grids and Renewable Energy Applications

Dr. Ali Etemad

Ali Etemad
Assistant Professor
Machine learning, IoT

Dr. Brian Frank

Brian Frank
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Education and Assessment

Dr. Al Freundorfer

Al Freundorfer
Integrated Circuits and Electronics

Dr. Saeed Gazor

Saeed Gazor
On Leave
Signal Processing and Communication

Dr. Michael Greenspan

Michael Greenspan
Department Head
Computer Vision and Image Processing

Dr. Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad

Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad
Robotics and Control Systems

Dr. Praveen Jain

Praveen Jain
Professor- On Leave
Director - ePOWER, CRC
Power Electronics and Systems

Dr. Il-Min Kim

Il-Min Kim
Deep Learning, AI, Communications, Signal Processing

Dr. Michael J. Korenberg

Michael J. Korenberg
Systems and Algorithms

Dr. Yan-Fei Liu

Yan-Fei Liu
Power Electronics

Dr. Ning Lu

Ning Lu
Assistant Professor
Communication Networks

Dr. Naraig Manjikian

Naraig Manjikian
Associate Professor
Computer Hardware, Parallel Processing

Dr. Joshua Marshall

Joshua Marshall
Associate Professor
Field and mobile robotics

Dr. Evelyn Morin

Evelyn Morin
On Leave
Biomedical Systems

Dr. Jianbing Ni

Jianbing Ni
Assistant Professor
Cyber Security

Dr. Majid Pahlevani

Majid Pahlevani
Assistant Professor
Energy Systems

Dr. Karen Rudie

Karen Rudie
Undergraduate Chair
Supervisory Control of Discrete-event Systems

Dr. Carlos Saavedra

Carlos Saavedra
RF Integrated Circuits, Microelectronics

Dr. Scott Yam

Scott Yam
Professor, Associate Head
Optical Communication Systems and Devices

Dr. Shahram Yousefi

Shahram Yousefi
Associate Dean, Corporate Relations
ECEi Advisor
Communication Systems and Networks

Dr. Xiaodan Zhu

Xiaodan Zhu
Assistant Professor
Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Ying Zou

Ying Zou
Canada Research Chair
Software Engineering