The winning projects were:

1st Place - Team: Emily Archer, James Xie, Alexander White, Edric Leung, Meghann Grenier, Janis Cheng, Lily de Loe, Raymond Ye, and Andrew Downie

                  Supervisor: Many! Queen’s Space Engineering Team

                  Project: Design of a Portable Soil Analysis Instrument for Remote Teleoperated Rover Platforms


2nd Place - Team: Hazik Ahmad, Gongyu Huang, and Hind Mukhtar

                   Supervisor: Prof. Freundorfer

                   Project: Wireless Energy Harvesting


3rd Place - Team: Sam Johnston,Liam Fargiorgio, Nikolai Stakheiko 

                   Supervisor: Prof. Rudie and Dr. Whitehall.

                   Project: SquatBOT 

The participants, the judges, and the IEEE community are all to thank for their time and support.