Posted on November 16, 2017

PhD Student Yu Zhao wins IBM CAS Student of the Year Award

Yu Zhao receives Student of the year award at IBM CASCON

Yu Zhao accepts his award of IBM CAS Student of the Year alongside members of the Software Reengineering Group

The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to announce that ECE PhD student Yu Zhao was awarded the IBM CAS (Centers for Advanced Studies)student of the year award and was presented with the award at CASCON 2017 in Toronto. Yu is a part of the Software Reengineering Research Group under the supervision of ECE's Dr. Ying Zou

The award recognized Yu’s contribution to a joint research project with IBM Canada. IBM made the following statement about his research:

"Yu is an outstanding example of the impact that highly engaged student researchers have in IBM Advanced Studies joint projects. He excels in the advancement of science in cognitive agents and assistants, areas that are strategic to IBM and its clients.

He has gone above and beyond his Ph.D. responsibilities by understanding the business needs and applying his research to customer problems in the energy and retail industries. His prototype implementations were well-received by customers, and were instrumental in advancing his thesis research and publications."

Congratulations Yu Zhao!