Posted on April 22, 2016

Healthcare Integrated Systems and Calorie Ca$sh take top spots

This year for the first time, teams in ELEC 490/8 were encouraged to partake in an optional pitch video competition for their capstone projects in addition to or to replace their website requirement for the course. A number of teams took on the challenge and once again showcased their ability to create, optimize, improvise, and execute no matter what project and task they're involved with!  I am truly proud of our students' versatility and finesse!

First Place: Group 27-Healthcare Integrated System (HIS)
Group Members:  Vanessa Bergen,  Mackenzie Kosseim, and Christopher McGrath.

Runner up: Group 10-Calorie Ca$h 
Group Members: Stephanie Cramer, Kelsey Juraschka, and Evan Marsland.

Please join me in congratulating all the submissions and in particular the above two teams.

My thanks go to the ece faculty and staff and specially Prof. Korenberg, Steve Humphrey, and Greg Bavington from Queen's Innovation Connector who supported and adjudicated the competition. 

Another positive frequency at the end of this academic year! Bravo!

Please see all the submissions here...

Prof. Shahram Yousefi, PhD., P.Eng.,
SM'IEEE|Acting Head and Professor