Posted on March 16, 2016

Winners chosen by student vote

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The annual ECE End of Year Banquet was held at the Grizzly Grill this past Monday night. As it is a long-standing tradition, the ECE teaching awards were presented to thank professors and teaching assistants for their commitment and excellence in teaching. Each year​ ECE Club selects the winners based on students'​ votes in their respective year and discipline.

 Our sincere congratulations to the ECE teaching award winners. The 2015-16 winners are: 

2nd year
CE: Dr. Karen Rudie
EE: Dr. Il-Min Kim

3rd year
EE & CE: Dr. Naraig Manjikian

4th year
CE:  Dr. Mohamed Atia
EE:   Dr. Karen Rudie

Teaching Assistants
2nd year
EE & CE: Michael Laurenzi

3rd year
CE TA:  Kushal Kumar
EE TA:  Ahmad Manzar

4th year
EE & CE: Marc Gallant

Special acknowledgments were also ​made to the Department Acting H​ead Prof. Shahram Yousefi for the successful launch of his new ECE Innovation Program and for "bringing much excitement into his position and promising new ideas into the department”.

Ms. Irina Pavich and Mr. John McKay were acknowledged for "their kind and invaluable support of ECE Club's initiatives" ​and a special thank you was given to Undergraduate Program Assistant Mrs. Patty Jordan who for years has played a vital role in helping students plan and manage their graduation requirements.

ECE Undergraduate Chair Prof. Ahmad Afsahi and the academic advisors Profs. Carlos Saavedra, Alireza Bakhshai and Saeed Gazor were thanked "​for fostering such a positive and stimulating learning experience for all students through their commitment and expertise​".​

Well done and well deserved!

The department would also like to thank the wonderful ECE club executive Connor MacLean, Morgan Williams, Stephanie Cramer, Michael Heney, Megan Parker, Jocelyn Fan, Noam Hacker, Alaa Qamhieh, Maytha Nassor, Kevin Huang, Ben Pang, Dmitri Bicheng Liu, Randy Trinh, Billie Kearns and Sarah Taylor for their ​energetic and tireless attention to all the student matters and departmental needs. Their positive contributions in this academic year will certainly be felt for a long time.