Posted on February 12, 2016

Top projects could save lives and help preserve the environment

The winners of this year’s capstone design project competition proposed ideas that could one day make cars more comfortable, Li-Ion battery banks more efficient and hospital wait times shorter.

Students gathered in Beamish-Munro Hall, Feb 11, for an ECE open house. On display were 24 projects designed and built over the course of the year by fourth-year ELEC 490 teams. Judges and students picked winners.


SMOOTHER RIDE: Chris Lawrynuik, Dominique Dufresene and Danny Lloyd won first prize for their design concept for predictive suspension.

First-place winners are Chris Lawrynuik, Dominque Dufresne and Danny Lloyd. They demonstrated a concept for an RC car with predictive suspension. It uses Kinect sensors to identify bumps in the roadway ahead. Actuators lift the suspension on each wheel to skip over obstacles, keeping the chassis flat and ride smooth.

Second Place

ENERGY SAVINGS: Mackenzie Wooten, Ben Lande and Jake McEwan (not pictured) designed this battery bank management system to maximize efficiency and reduce rolling weight.

Second-place winners are Mackenzie Wooten, Ben Lande and Jake McEwan. They developed a concept for a Li-Ion battery pack management system that monitors and controls temperatures throughout the battery system, keeping operating temperatures in optimal efficient ranges. They installed their system on the Queen’s Fuel Cell Team golf cart. ELEC 390 students voted this one best project.

Third Place

SHORTER WAIT TIMES: Jordy Jacob, Daniel Nadeau, Thomas Davies and Anthony Nguyen designed Aegele, a software suite to help hospitals more quickly and efficiently match patients with doctors, nurses and therapists.

Third-place winners are Jordy Jacob, Daniel Nadeau, Thomas Davies, and Anthony Nguyen for Aegele, a concept for a software suite to help hospitals coordinate doctors and patients more efficiently in an effort to reduce wait times. First-year general engineering students and second-year ECE students voted this one best project.

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