Posted on September 08, 2014

ECE Welcomes Record Number of New Students

With the start of classes this September, the ECE department is welcoming 163 new students into its ranks. Of these, 121 are second-year undergraduate students, which is the largest intake into the two undergraduate programs in about a decade. Further, of the 42 new graduate students, a full 23 are MEng students. This is over double the MEng enrollment from last year, and is the largest intake in this program in the department.

ECE Department Head Dr. Michael Greenspan attributes the growth to two main factors. “The first is the field itself” says Greenspan. “Electrical and Computer Engineering is at the forefront of what’s happening today in both industry and research. It’s a fascinating discipline to study. The second reason for our growth is that we have an excellent department, and we deliver the highest quality of programs.”

Greenspan believes that this growth trend will continue in the next few years, bolstered by new offerings such as the MEng Industrial Internship option that is new this year, and the undergraduate ECE Innovation Stream to be launched in Fall 2016.

“Increasingly” says Greenspan “ECE is being recognized as a go-to department within FEAS”.


John McKay
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering