Advancement in computing technology and the availability of big data has led to a resurgence of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning.  AI is pushing the innovation boundaries across all disciplines, and industry has been investing heavily in various AI technologies.  There is a high demand for graduates with an AI background from industry and research labs.  The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has substantial expertise in the AI-related methodologies and application areas and is an ideal place for the training of highly-qualified graduates with area-specific knowledge, skills, and competences sought by the AI sector.

The ECE Department offers a Vector Institute Accredited Master of Applied Science program with a Field of Study in Artificial Intelligence that provides the graduate students with a solid foundation in the principles of AI, machine learning and deep learning.  Graduates will be able to design and analyze AI-related algorithms and methodologies, employ modern scientific and engineering tools, and apply AI-based techniques to tackle complex research problems.  They will acquire advanced research and technical knowledge in AI-related fields and will have deep understanding about the ethical and societal implications of AI.  The program will prepare graduates through a combination of classroom and online learning, team-based problem-solving and course projects, research seminars, and faculty-supervised research projects.  The student learning experience will be promoted through an inquiry-based curriculum. 

Program Structure
Vector Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence

For information on admission requirements and process, visit the MASc Admissions page.

The program structure for the MASc program with a Field of Study in Artificial Intelligence is as follows:

  • Take a minimum of two courses from the list of AI-related courses, one of which is the mandatory graduate course ELEC 825
  • Take up to two more graduate courses as required in the MASc program
  • Complete an AI-related MASc thesis
  • Complete other requirements including taking the graduate seminar course, ELEC 891, and the non-credit APSC 812 AI Ethics and Society course

List of AI-related courses:

  • ELEC 823             Signal Processing
  • ELEC 825             Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • ELEC 872             Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems
  • ELEC 874             Deep Learing in Computer Vision
  • ELEC 877             AI for Cybersecurity                                  
  • ELEC 879             Wearabel and loT Computing
  • ELEC 880             Machine Learing for Natural Language Processing

Other related courses offered by core ECE and cross-appointed Faculty include ELEC 845 Autonomous Vehicle Control and Navigation, ELEC 474 Machine Vision, CISC 881 Machine Learning and Medical Image Processing, and EE 523 Integrated Navigation Systems (RMC).

MASc with a Field of Study in Artificial Intelligence Program Sheet