University Software Program

Cadence software is in use at Queen's University, mainly in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Graduate Courses

ELEC-852 Broadband Microwave Integrated Circuits 

ELEC-854 Microwave Circuits and Systems

Undergraduate Courses

ELEC353 Electronics II - Core Course, offered annually

ELEC-451 Digital Integrated Circuit Engineering - Elective course

ELEC-457 Integrated Circuits and Systems Applications - Elective Course


Very High Speed Silicon Circuits Group

Brian M. Frank

Very High Speed Silicon Circuits is a research group within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University, led by Dr. Brian Frank. It is part of the Very High Speed Circuits Group.

Current projects in the group fall into three areas:

  • Wireless front-end component design (e.g. low noise amplifiers, mixers, voltage-controlled oscillators)
  • Integrated antennas on silicon
  • CMOS circuits for photonic systems

Alois P. Freundorfer

The Very High Speed Circuits Group is composed of researchers interested in issues related to lightwave and wireless technology and its impact on modern telecommunications systems, including the development of software and hardware for the implementation of large high speed electronic systems on Si, GaAs, and InP. Cadence is used extensively in the layout of all the circuits.

Very High Speed Circuits Group

Carlos E. Saavedra

We are conducting research in gigahertz-range analog integrated circuits for ultra wideband communications and radar systems, neurological rehabilitation, and automotive applications. We have pioneered the development of fully-differential microwave CMOS operational transconductance amplifiers (OTA's) with bandwidths exceeding 10 GHz and we have used these OTA's to create microwave tunable phase shifters, tunable active filters, and quasi-circulators with exceptionally small size and low power consumption. We have on-going work on advanced CMOS mixers for upconversion and downconversion, frequency multipliers, and very-high data-rate QPSK and 16-QAM direct-digital modulators. Recently we demonstrated a new, 2.4 GHz direct-digital, phase shift-keying demodulator using an anti-parallel dual phase-locked loop (PLL) mechanism that uses noticeably less circuitry than standard PSK demodulators.

Gigahertz Integrated Circuits Group

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