Electrical and Computer Engineering

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Or Sharing Files with Users

Sharing data with the "Public" has often been achieved using FTP. Units setup FTP servers and files are distributed using the FTP protocol. This is a good technology, but has some inherent problems.

For those scenarios where you want to share information with other department users, consider using Active Directory. If you also want to share or collaborate on files with users who are not part of the department, or increasingly foreign, not part of Queen's, then QShare is the solution.

QShare, an ITServices application, provides a managed file sharing application to the Queen's community. Available to faculty, staff and graduate students, QShare provides 200MB of storage space, with the option of purchasing additional 1GB blocks. Whether you want to share files with a limited number of known users, or share them with the world through a link from your web site, QShare provides all the security and public sharing features you'd want. It also leverages NetID for simplified access.

The department does not provide FTP daemon space, and has adopted the QShare model for managed file access. If you need assistance using your QShare account, send a request to Footprints and someone will help get you started.