Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

3rd & 4th Year Students Only
Fall & Winter Term 2011-12

For the 2011-2012 academic session, some undergraduate teaching assistantships are possible for students entering third year or fourth year in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering programs. These teaching assistantships would primarily involve providing assistance in certain laboratory courses such as ELEC210, ELEC293, ELEC294, ELEC274, ELEC278, ELEC353, and ELEC371. The normal assignment is for 42 hours of paid employment in one term.

The Department seeks applicants who have a strong grasp of the relevant course material, and who believe that they could do a good job in terms of interacting with students in the laboratory and providing them with help. Interested students are invited to initially contact Debra Fraser, Graduate Program Asssistant. Once the full 2011-2012 university timetable is published in June, Debra will follow up before the end of August with each applicant when it is known what the various laboratory schedules are, relative to the lecture courses that would be taken by prospective undergraduate teaching assistants. With that more definitive information, lab/lecture conflicts can be avoided. The overall assignment of teaching assistants will be performed in August and successful applicants will be contacted in December.